S3E1 • Homeless People vs. Zombies, Petty Labelle, Tommy Lee Party’s With Judy & Cringe Moments

Welcome to Season 3 of Canby Unfiltered!

Start with an outrageous discussion of Zombies vs. Homeless People and the hard truth of living in Hollywood, California. Which oddly turns into a story about Travis inviting homeless musicians into his house for a “jam session” – Judith is blown away and retells the jaw-dropping experience. Judy elevates the conversation by telling a murder homeless story while Travis taps in with a story of when someone tried to kill him.

Conversations turn into laughter when they discuss “Petty Labelle” moments of their past, AKA petty moments. Travis breaks into a traumatic 7th grade story which left him emotionally drained forever. He goes into detail about ‘asking Jenny to the dance’ which was tragic. Judy responds with a story of how she partied with Tommy Lee in a Los Angeles club and the same night broke her arm and almost got into a fight with the legendary Daisy De La Hoya. Judy takes this emotion to express details of her own High School trauma.

They both tell the story of how Judy bought a burgundy car which became the curse to their real estate career. The cause of a painfully embarrassing moment for Judy – the story is ultra cringe.

Before closing out, Judy introduces her new mini segment called, ‘You… You…. You.. Outta Know!’ when she drops random heat that can make your life better and more effective. Quick tidbits!

Buckle Up & Welcome to Season 3!
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