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Welcome to season 4 of Canby Unfiltered. Tune in every other week for unfiltered conversations from the entertaining married duo of Travis and Judith Canby. Each episode brings a variety of emotions ranging from uncontrollable laugher, stimulating thought, jaw-dropping shock, and uplifting vibes leaving you inspired.

𝗪𝗲 W𝗮𝗻𝘁 Y𝗼𝘂 O𝗻 T𝗵𝗲 N𝗲𝘅𝘁 E𝗽𝗶𝘀𝗼𝗱𝗲
Have a wild story? A motivational Story? An expert in your field? We have the technology to interview anyone, anywhere in the world. You can stay anonymous too. Reach out to us, lets discuss.⁣⁣

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Travis Canby

Judy Canby

JLOSellsLA 07/11/2020

Loved you before I met you irl & love you both MORE after meeting you. You are 200% authentic personality. Storytelling that grabs you by the throat 5 minutes in. LOVE you to Hollywood Hills & Back!!

Lar Lar 05/26/2020

Judy and Travis are both hilarious, relatable, and transparent about some pretty embarrassing moments (hence their relatability). They’re such amazing storytellers and compliment each other so well. This is now my go-to podcast.

ashylarry01 05/14/2020

These two bounce off each other amazingly. They ask questions to get the other into further details of the account. Definite podcast to have in your weekly library!! Need to do it daily!

Kstate2002 04/24/2020

Having a bad day? Are you feeling down? Well, this dynamic duo are absolutely hilarious. I love the way they interact with each other. It’s so organic. The stories they tell literally makes me feel as if I were there when it happened. If you want to laugh non-stop you definitely have to listen to Travis and Judith. They are so entertaining!!

managerkaren 04/17/2020

Never a dull moment with Travis and Judy! Their stories are hilarious and insane. Judy is wayyyy cooler than Travis for sure

richinatx 04/15/2020

Ridiculous & funny. Happy I found this podcast!

schwert70 04/14/2020

Loved it!! I will listen to the next one!!

FTwhiskey 04/14/2020

Two people tell it like it is and as it was and remind us life is one big adventure through real dialogue and plenty of laughs.

Hjyhkxx 04/14/2020

What a great way to pass the time stuck in traffic!! They tell the funniest and wildest stories ever. If you’re looking for stimulating conversation then check out Canby Unfiltered. So glad I have a new podcast to listen to!!!!

Tilly34! 04/14/2020

Finally a real conversation between two people who are super witty, hilarious, and you definitely can relate to! Such a breath of fresh air, I love it. Can’t wait for more!! Inspiring!!!

Johnnysayssss 04/10/2020

Y’all dynamic is amazing. I love listening to your banter, it’s a mood lightener amongst the more heady podcasts, I will be waiting eagerly for new episodes to drop!

zaneyg 04/10/2020

This podcast is one of my faves. I look forward to new episodes because they ALWAYS make me laugh. Their stories are just outrageous and hilarious, and they bounce off each other really well. Would highly recommend!

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